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ICON 1000 Brigand

Stylish and never one to shy away from an unpleasa..

899,00 RON

ICON 1000 Joker WP

Being based out of Portland, Oregon means we at IC..

948,00 RON

ICON 1000 Truant 2

For the TRUANT 2 boot we went back to the drawing ..

730,00 RON

ICON 1000 Varial

The ultimate in urban sophistication, the Varial r..

634,00 RON

ICON Patrol 2 WP

Set it and forget it - the PATROL 2 is the no-fuss..

931,00 RON

ICON Superduty 5

The 5th generation of the iconic Superduty street ..

607,00 RON

REV'IT Arrow

The cord-laced Arrow shoes feature thermoformed he..

678,00 RON

REV'IT Compass H2O

The Compass H2O boots have the same look as the Gr..

872,00 RON

REV'IT Delta H2O

The Delta H2O is a CE-certified motorcycle product..

727,00 RON

REV'IT Discovery H2O

Go wherever your expedition takes you. Whether you..

1.842,00 RON

REV'IT Emerald Ladies

The REV´IT! Emerald Ladies´ shoes share the safety..

824,00 RON

REV'IT Expedition H2O

The revolutionary Expedition H2O boot is like noth..

2.909,00 RON

REV'IT Ginza 2

The Ginza 2 Shoes are constructed from high qualit..

921,00 RON

REV'IT Grand

The Grand shoes are made out of high quality full ..

824,00 RON

REV'IT Gravel OutDry

The introduction of the Gravel OutDry boot marks t..

969,00 RON

REV'IT Jefferson

The REV’IT! Jefferson shoes are all about form and..

727,00 RON

REV'IT Marshall WR

These shoes were made for waxing, so that's just w..

1.066,00 RON

REV'IT Mohawk 2

The absolute number one model from the urban footw..

969,00 RON

REV'IT Pioneer H2O

For overlanding you need boots that serve multiple..

1.600,00 RON

REV'IT Quest OutDry Ladies

The Quest OutDry Ladies Boots are on par with our ..

969,00 RON
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